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山东彩票官网 and our employees are committed to preserving the beauty, richness and diversity of our state鈥檚 natural landscape.

We are proud Alabama is one of the most ecologically diverse places in the nation, with more freshwater flowing through it than any other state in the continental United States. We strive to protect those resources 鈥 in the field, in our communities and in the way we serve our customers.

Every day our biologists and environmental scientists contribute time and expertise to protect wildlife and collect data that contributes to scientific knowledge of Alabama鈥檚 natural heritage. Our employees provide leadership in their communities by serving nonprofits focused on conservation and volunteering with river cleanup events as part of the Renew Our Rivers campaign.

As one of the largest managers of land and water resources in the state, we aim to strengthen wildlife habitat and protect river ecosystems. We partner with federal, state and local organizations on stewardship and conservation through research, management and education initiatives.

We know that today鈥檚 stewardship efforts are an investment in our common future. 聽

Alabama Wild Power

We offer a program that helps property owners with transmission lines crossing their lands develop a conservation plan to protect wildlife habitats along those rights-of-way.

Habitat & Species Diversity

We continue taking steps to protect and enhance critical species habitat that contributes to our state鈥檚 extraordinary biodiversity.


We understand the complexity of environmental stewardship and work to develop partnerships with federal, state and local organizations.

Outdoor Spaces

We take pride in supporting the creation and conservation of important outdoor spaces, parks and preserves.

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