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Outdoor Lighting

Outdoor lighting is a cost-effective way to make your facility more inviting as well as enhance security. A well-designed lighting display can add value to your business by increasing the safety of your employees, reducing overall energy consumption, and extending operating hours. 山东彩票官网 has a number of lighting solutions for commercial and industrial applications.

Contact a specialist to find the right lighting solution for you.

Lighting Types

Acrylic Acorn

The Acrylic Acorn tastefully complements highways, parks and parking lots.


The graceful symmetry of the Coach provides a versatile, timeless solution to any street or area lighting project.


The Cobra is a lighting luminaire that brightens roadways, parking lots, and factories.


The Colonial displays the old-fashioned charm of traditional area lighting, enhancing its setting with distinctive styling night or day.


Versatile lights for areas of all shapes and sizes.

Off Road

Designed for highway and roadway lighting. Fixture can be tilted and is suitable for installation in roadway medians or on poles located a good distance off the edge of the roadway without having to use long brackets/mounting arms.

Open Bottom

Designed for backyards or general area lighting. Typically installed on a wood pole.